Dani & Donny - August 26th, 2017

Just a few sneak peeks from Dani & Donny's amazing wedding from yesterday in St. Joseph! The two of them were such a joy to work with. Donny is absolutely the perfect person for Danielle and I can't wait to see where their marriage takes them both!

Joe & Emily - July 15th, 2017

Being able to capture Joe & Emily's incredible wedding was an absolute honor. I couldn't have felt more welcome by them or their families as I worked to create these beautiful images below and I have to say that their day will go down as one of my all time favorite photography experiences.

I remember meeting Joe a few years ago, my brother Jesse introduced my family to him and all of his friends at MSU. They were some of the funniest guys I had ever met and I was reminded of that standing in the Galdes basement as they passed jokes back and forth while getting on their suits. Above on the first floor, Emily and all her bridesmaids were getting ready too but instead of joking about one another cutting themselves on Jesse's knife while trying to make a hole for their cufflinks like the guys were, the girls sat watching a few wedding themed movies while getting their hair done. This was the first time I had met Emily but from the moment I walked in, I could tell that her and Joe were the perfect match and throughout the day I couldn't have been proven more correct. 

These images below are by far some of my most favorite ones I've ever created. Everything from the ceremony to the reception as absolutely exquisite and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to be able to spend this special day with. Thank you again Joe & Emily, I can't wait to see where your marriage takes you!

Marci & Eric's Wedding - June 3, 2017 - Port Hope, MI

I couldn't be happier for these two amazing people! I've known Marci and Eric for a few years and was honored to be asked to capture their wedding day yesterday. Marci and Eric are truly a perfect match for each other and I can't wait to see their marriage thrive in the coming years! Congratulations you two, I couldn't have asked for a better wedding to start off my season!

2-16-17 Another Shot with the 600mm

I'm a giant aircraft and spacecraft enthusiast. So much so that I, every once in awhile, track certain types of aircraft via a few online flight trackers to see if anything interesting pops up. Today I found the holy grail! The Airbus A380! It's the largest commercial airliner in production, even larger than the Boeing 747 and this one was heading from Paris to Mexico City. These aren't super rare to see in the skies above Bay City as we are right along route from many US airports to ones in Europe and Asia, usually crossing over the northern pole regions, but it's amazing to see these giant flying machines even though I most likely won't ever travel on one.

Check back for more awesome shots with my 600mm here on the blog soon!



2-13-17 Birding

Having recently picked up a new lens, the Sigma 150-600mm, I've been able to take photos of some really cool things that my other lenses would never be able to do. With that I kind of need an outlet to post those shots to so I'm going to start posting more and more to this blog every so often. I hope you enjoy!

Nathan & Mandy

I've known Nathan pretty much all of my life, he was actually my fifth grade teacher! When I got the call to discuss capturing his and Mandy's wedding day, I couldn't have been more excited! I had not known Mandy upon meeting her at that time but immediately I could gather that something was special between these two. I remember the two of them being so giddy talking about the details of their big day, especially the vinyl DJs that would perform. They were both super into having them there!  I left there knowing that this was going to be an incredibly enjoyable day for both them and I. 

This was easily one of the most fun days I've had shooting. These two were incredibly welcoming and the shots I was able to capture were amazing! The photos below are some of my favorites. You can't miss the love and passion they have for each other! I am absolutely honored to have captured just the beginning of a fruitful and fulfilling relationship between the two of them!